From an extensive Texel breakfast buffet to a cozy lounge where you can relax after a wonderful day on the island. Hotel Kogerstaete has everything to offer.

Facilities and features of our hotel

Discover what makes Hotel Kogerstaete so special.

  • Cozy lounge, bar & restaurant
  • Spacious terrace
  • Extensive Texel breakfast buffet
  • Luxury wellness rooms
  • Elevator
  • Charging point for electric cars
  • Covered bicycle parking with charging points
  • Free Social Hotspot WiFi
  • Free streaming in your room
  • 18 free parking spaces behind the hotel
  • Bus stop in front of the door
  • Central location on the island
  • Bustling Dorpsstraat only 150 meters away
  • Dunes, forests and the spacious North Sea beach within walking distance

Wellness in your own hotel room

After an active day of walking or cycling, we can imagine that you need a little relaxation. The Superior Wellness, Junior Suite Wellness, Grande Suite Wellness and Family Suite Wellness rooms are equipped with wonderful wellness facilities. Relax your muscles and joints while showering with infrared rays, strenghten your natural defences and let your skin shine again in the steam shower and return home with a healthy color thanks to the sun shower. Enjoy, relax and unwind in your own hotel room.

Texel breakfast buffet

We serve an extensive Texel breakfast buffet every morning in our lounge with the tastiest (local) products. Freshly baked breads, luxury hot sandwiches, sugar loaf, chocolate croissants, muffins and beignets: there is something for everyone. In addition, you can choose from a variety of meat products, different types of cheese, dairy products and fruit juices. Sweet fillings, superfoods, cornflakes, granolas, fruit salad and various egg preparations are also included. All this of course while enjoying a fresh cup of coffee, cappuccino or tea.

Are you gluten and / or lactose intolerant? Please inform us when booking.

Cozy lounge & bar

Enjoy various Texel specialties in our new quiet and cozy lounge, bar & restaurant. How about a nice glass of wine, a delcious Texel beer or some tasty bites of a à la carte dinner?

Do you want to dine out? Texel offers a wide selection of excellent restaurants. There are various options on the bustling Dorpsstraat (150 meters), but you can also enjoy good food elsewhere on the island. Feel free to ask for tips at the reception.


Want to enjoy a great holiday on Texel together with your four-legged friend? Dogs are very welcome in a number of rooms (Superior and Deluxe rooms, all on the ground floor). We charge a rate of € 20 per day per dog for this. Reservations can only be made by telephone +31 222 32 77 33.